O Lord, my God! How great are thy deliverances!
You lead me to water, and my thirst is relieved,
My body is nourished, and life abounds.
But my flesh desires the honey of this world-
The nectar taken in the night as a thief.
Its sweet tastes lead me to gluttony, and I revel in my own delight.
But the honey will turn bitter in the back of my throat.
The nectar is poison, and though I vomit it remains!
It is entrenched in my mouth, flowing in my veins;
From this enemy I have no relief, no escape can be found,
Only pain and then death awaits he who drinks.
I fall on my knees and cry out for my salvation!
How I long again to wait on your nurture and care!
O Lord, my God! Will you leave your servant to waste,
Among the rambles and briars of his own making?
For I am caught in the very thorns which I sowed so zealously.
Yet though I perish your victory shall be great,
For war you will ride, ‘neath sound of trumpet and crimson banner.
Your enemy boasting will fall under your feet, trampled by horses.
My God! Save me from your enemy, that I not be in his ranks!
Spread flame to the briars in which I entangled myself,
If it must be so, may I be saved, if only through fire.