Oh Love in youth so bold and real,

No stab as deep as She I feel.

The heart tis’ a cruel and desperate thing

Against my will to one shall cling.

To what ends of earth would’st I yet fly

For a moment to catch your fleeting eye

And what nightmares and demons I would slay

And risk my life that yours might stay.

But no trial so great, love unreturned,

‘Lone chaff and coals can sorrow burn

If my fleshly heart might fire take

To feel no more, for my lover’s sake.

For who am I to demand a heart?

Hers to give, for she to part.

My spirit cries, “Endure and fight!”

But for prize so great, earn I no right.

Oh princess, thou come of royal birth.

Might I be reborn to bring you mirth!

Alas! Men must bow to God and fate;

Humble my soul, Lord, affix my gait.

For even now another she sees,

Greater than I, so it shall be.

‘Tis here I fall upon my blade

And now, my love, for you I fade.

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